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A tiny and absolutely gorgeous isle, Koufonisia

Small, simple and simply beautiful, the tiny island of Koufonisia is a sight for sore eyes, especially to those who are looking for the bluest and clearest of waters. Its stunning white sandy beaches are famous for being some of the best in the Cyclades: between beaches, the countryside never fails to remind visitors that this island is strongly rooted in its rural traditions. The charming port village of Koufonisia with its fishing boats and whitewashed houses is a small gem while, in the Hora, you will find small tavernas and shops dotting the picturesque alleys overlooking the Caribbean-like waters of the sea. The beaches, however, are the number one reason for visiting this small island: some are only accessible by boat but are definitely worth the trip. Kato Koufonisia, Koufonisia lesser island, is also reachable by boat and features some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in the world. Don’t count on driving around, as cars are non-existent, but fear not, you can walk the entire Ano Koufonissi island in about three hours.

Koufonisia for...
  • Couple
  • Families
  • Solo Traveler
  • Group

With its secluded beaches and Caribbean-like waters, stunning sunsets and romantic atmosphere, this island is perfect for couples who want to vacation in a beautiful and quiet corner of the Cyclades.

Families will definitely enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of the island and its stunning, small and calm beaches - suitable for children.

Just a note for families traveling with toddlers and babies –some beaches are not ideal to reach on foot as it can be a problem to push strollers around the island’s paths.

Solo travelers seeking relaxation will find Koufonissi the ideal spot for an enlightening and relaxing holiday. You won’t find any new friends to party with, but you can enjoy the quiet friendliness of the island’s inhabitants.

The quiet nature and lack of nightlife of Koufonissi don’t make this island ideal for groups of young friends seeking fun- or adrenaline-filled vacations, but can be perfect for those looking for a quieter, more relaxing break, with lots of time spent on the beach.