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A picture perfect small Aegean retreat, Antiparos

As the name suggests, Antiparos is quite the opposite of its larger sibling, Paros: small, compact and relaxed, it is the perfect spot for a low-key yet fun-filled vacation. Its lovely Hora, closed to the traffic, charms visitors with its colorful bougainvillea, narrow alleys and laid-back atmosphere: on its streets you will come across small tavernas, little family-owned stores, and tourists and locals alike hanging out at Antiparos’ many cafés. Its beaches, too, are famous for their beauty and rightly so: some are quiet and remote, others have a more party-like feel to them, but crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes are common to all. After the sun goes down, the island offers a good selection of dining options, along with the chance to have fun until the wee hours of the morning, making it a great choice for those who enjoy both sunning themselves at the beach but also some night-time entertainment. Although simple in nature, Antiparos has a certain distinctive style which
makes it popular with some celebrities.

Antiparos for...
  • Couple
  • Families
  • Solo Traveler
  • Group

With its beautiful beaches, fun bars and plenty of tavernas, Antiparos is a great choice for those couples looking for a relaxing vacation, but who also enjoy having fun in the evening.

Loved by families, the island offers many activities that can be enjoyed with children: visiting the caves; taking a round island cruise; snorkeling or diving; kayaking and much more. Beautiful sandy beaches and shallow waters are ideal for families traveling with babies and toddlers.

Solo travelers will enjoy Antiparos, as it offers many chances to make friends with other visitors both during the day at the beach or during a snorkeling excursion, or at night in one of its many bars and cafés.

A fun yet relaxed island, Antiparos is great for groups of friends who are looking for a variety of things to do, from hanging out at the beach to snorkeling, from enjoying local cuisine to sipping cocktails at sunset.