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An island of wilderness and beauty, Anafi

$Situated a mere 12 nautical miles east of Santorini, Anafi is a picture-perfect paradise of white and blue houses, turquoise waters and blue skies. To this day, the island is proudly attached to its rural and authentic roots and gives visitors the impression of having traveled back in time, with its silence and calm remoteness. A vacation on Anafi means rest and relaxation, being surrounded by nature and feeling one with the Mediterranean. Even during high season ferries don’t reach the island every day, which can be a true blessing for those in search of a complete break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Anafi’s beaches, located for the most part in the south of the island, are protected from the “meltemi”, the Cyclades northern wind, and are a delight for fans of long stretches of sand and calm waters. The north of the island is more rugged and isolated, ideal for visitors who seek even more solitude. All around the island free camping and nudism are still fairly common, yet another sign that time seems to have stopped on Anafi. Keep in mind that the beaches are not organized or patrolled, so don’t choose this island if tourist beach facilities are important to you.

Anafi for...
  • Couple
  • Families
  • Solo Traveler
  • Group

Quiet and romantic, the island of Anafi is ideal for those couples who want to enjoy each other’s company and forget about the rest of the world. Stunning sunsets and an easy-going atmosphere are perfect for a romantic and tranquil vacation.

Lack of beach infrastructure doesn’t make Anafi ideal for families with small children who might prefer islands with organized and patrolled beaches and more shade. Those traveling with older, active children, on the other hand, will enjoy the island’s vibe very much.

The remoteness and quietness of Anafi don’t make it ideal for solo travelers who want to meet and make friends with other visitors, but the friendly islanders will welcome the travelers with a warm hospitality. Hikers and walkers will fall in love with the island’s beautiful paths and views.

Groups of friends who like adventure and free camping will definitely feel at home in Anafi. Climbing, hiking and walking are three fun activities for those who want to organize an active and adventurous holiday with their like-minded friends.