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The most authentic Cyclad Island, Amorgos

A speck of white in the blue waters of the Aegean, Amorgos is a stunning island with high peaks and vivid landscapes that mesmerizes visitors at first sight. Its timeless beauty, rugged nature and love for tradition make it one of the most mysterious islands of the Cyclades. Amorgos is an island worth discovering, although this discovery might not always come easy. Small and quiet, Amorgos is the ideal island to indulge in some rest and relaxation away from the crowds and happening nightlife that characterize some other Greek islands. The stunning monastery of Hozoviotissa, the island’s top attraction, is an iconic construction that leaves visitors breathless, not only because of the steep steps that lead to the entrance; other trekking paths make Amorgos popular with those who enjoy wearing their hiking boots instead of their bathing suits.

Amorgos for...
  • Couple
  • Families
  • Solo Traveler
  • Group

Active couples seeking the ideal spot for an adventurous vacation will have a great time in Amorgos: from trekking to diving and snorkeling, this island has a lot to offer for those who want venture off the beaten path. The island also has an incredible and romantic atmosphere. 

Most beaches in Amorgos aren’t organized, with the notable exception of Aegiali, which is perfect for small children; the other beaches could be a good choice for families with older children and teenagers who are into snorkeling and diving. 

A perfect destination for spiritualists - yoga lessons on an outdoor platform overlooking the sea. Moreover, the inhabitants of the island are known for being very friendly and hospitable, which is a definite plus for those traveling alone. 

Although the nightlife is somewhat lacking in Amorgos, young groups of friends who are into sports and exploring can have a fun-filled few days on this beautiful island. Another way of experiencing stunning Amorgos is through a sailing vacation, which can be perfect for both expert sailors and beginners.